Monday, August 28, 2006

37.4% body fat

I got a new trainer at my gym today, post-knee injury, and she decided to assess my overall fitness levels. We did a body fat analysis, with me clutching something that looked a little like a hand-held computer game. Of my 160 pounds (according to the gym's scale -- apparently mine weighs a little heavy), 60 are pure fat. That means my body fat is a whopping 37.4%. "Average" range, for women, is 21-24%; "acceptable" is 25-31%. I am technically obese.

The only good news in this is that apparently I only *have* to lose about 20 pounds to be reasonably healthy -- even 10. And my trainer doesn't think I should lose more than 40. When I weighed 99 pounds I was skin and bones, anemic, and prone to dizzy spells; I am probably healthier now. I need to keep a little of my 37.4% body fat. Also, allegedly my body can "remember" being at a (much) lower weight, which should make it a little easier to lose the weight and get back to that point.

I think I'm going to like this trainer -- she really seems to understand how to work around an injury, and by asking me questions about my last workout, she determined how the last trainer hurt me. I've only got a few sessions left, but she'll help me make the most of them. I might buy another block of training sessions; it's expensive, but if it helps me lose weight, it's worth it. And I can definitely deduct it from my taxes, since it's not vanity but the need to get healthy that is driving me to the gym.

She asked me what kind of exercise I used to do -- what exercises I liked. I had to say I couldn't really think of any; I'd done some yoga and liked it, but at this weight I'm too unwieldy. I forgot to tell her that I like to dance, but that kind of exercise would probably be too hard on my knees anyway. I'm seeing her again tomorrow, and I'm almost looking forward to it.
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