Thursday, September 14, 2006

An absolutely meaningless assertion

In order to justify its move to a pay-only model (as opposed to letting people maintain a free profile without letting them read or send email), one website has promulgated this statement:

Each and every profile will represent a screened person who is single, listed only once, and with contact information. He or she is available to go on a date, will respond to all messages (in the negative or positive) and is sincere about marriage. All information on the profile is 100% accurate and includes current and verified photos.

They IMMEDIATELY qualify this statement by saying, in smaller print:

We cannot currently and will not in the future guarantee the honesty of all members or authenticity of each profile. Each member should engage in their own reference checking and use the same common sense guidelines in off-line dating as they do with online dating.

In other words, the foregoing statement is completely meaningless. They're not doing ANY screening or verifying, and they're not adding any value by switching to the pay-only model.

I've had a love-hate relationship with this website for years, but this really takes the cake. I've alerted them to numerous men lying about their age, which they refused to verify and correct. I've also told them about the men contacting me for sex, not tachlis, and they've done nothing. They're just a greedy bunch of profiteers trying to siphon ever more cash out of sad and near-desperate single people.
Copyright (c) 2006 "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. That really, really sucks. One more reason for me not to join, I suppose...

  2. Anonymousless9/15/2006 10:02 AM

    On the other hand, they're probably losing money and they need to convert to a for-pay model. At least they're not raising prices for people who are already shelling out.

    In all honesty, Ayelet, I don't know how accurate it is to call them "profiteers." Anyone marketing anything to the 'frum' community is already dealing with a very narrow niche.

    Regardless, I wish you, and the money-grubbing Jew bastards at Frumster, continued success, every blessing, and a Happy New Year.