Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How grades are weighted

Another class with Dr. Jerk, another session of being ignored or being denigrated while other students are engaged with and praised. I'm starting to wonder if it's not because I'm sassy but rather because I'm fat and sassy. Another student in the class, whom I like quite a bit and who is also not a size 2, was also ignored by Dr. Jerk. So I'm wondering if he's ignoring and denigrating me because he thinks I'm obnoxious or because he thinks I'm unattractive. For the record, I wore a tight, low-cut blouse today and it didn't have the anticipated effect. It is going to be an uphill road trying to suck up to him. I'm not sure I can climb it.

It's funny, because today Dr. Jerk was talking about nonverbal communication as being more revealing than verbal, and his nonverbal communication speaks volumes. He looks me in the eye when I have a question and then looks away and walks away, not calling on me when I have my hand raised. That's deliberate humiliation.

Of course I was upset, but I found a smidgen of comfort: at least I'm not Malak Ghorbany.
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  1. Wow....sounds like Dr. Jerk deserves his name. Ouch.

  2. anonymousless9/21/2006 9:12 AM

    Ayelet, you have GOT to stop obsessing about your weight. You're not a massive slob; you're not morbidly obese; you've put on a few pounds and your life is stressful enough without adding this to your litany of self-criticism. Stop being so hard on yourself!!

    To invert an axiom, love yourself as you are loved by others.