Thursday, October 26, 2006

At least the MRI tech thinks I'm hot

Recently I put $1200 on my credit card (if only it gave back frequent flyer miles...) to pay for an MRI of my knees, which my insurance wouldn't cover.

As I lay on the narrow table, the tech had to place blocks around my body to immobilize me. "What happened to your knees?" he asked me. "How did you get hurt?"

"I was working out with a personal trainer at the gym and she overexerted me, so I got injured," I told him.

"Not for nothin'," he said, "but she must have done something right, cause you look GREAT."

Hm. Apparently the approximately 10 pounds I lost on the Dr. Jerk diet have rendered me somewhat attractive again. Silver lining!

Of course, the tech was African-American, and men in his community tend to like women with a little meat on their bones (remember "Baby Got Back"?). It's also possible he was just making pleasant small talk. But it was still nice to hear. I'm corresponding via e-mail with several potential suitors, and it's nice to think that if we do end up meeting in person, they might not think I'm fat.
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  1. Oysh. It really stinks that your insurance wouldn't pay for the MRI.

    Oh, and you're not fat. Really.