Thursday, October 26, 2006

I test a loyal fan

So a few days ago I gave an IQ test to a very nice young woman, Simcha, who reads my blog, and we had a lot of fun together. After the test we chatted for a bit before she had to head out to another engagement.

I really would like to be friends with Simcha. For one thing, she knows about my disorder and still likes and respects me -- to the point of wanting to help me vanquish the evil Dr. Jerk. (I feel no guilt over contravening his instructions and finding one of my own participants. People in other labs have told me that they didn't bother exchanging participants with each other AT ALL -- with the full collusion and support of their T.A.s. Just my luck that I got stuck with a scrawny blonde control-freaky stickler-for-the-rules T.A. ....)

Simcha's also bright, caring, and interesting to talk to. I enjoyed her company; I felt like we had a lot in common, despite a significant age difference, and were on the same wavelength. The more my relationship with my sister Jerusha deteriorates, the more I value the connection, validation, and companionship I get from my friends, who love me for who I am. Simcha seems like she would be a good person to add to the support network that helps me function and keeps me alive -- literally.

But: in a few months, I'm going to be learning the Rorschach test -- or rather re-learning it, since I already studied it in my master's program. Fortunately, there's only one system for learning to administer it, so I already have all the books. My cousin promised to buy me a Rorschach when I got my master's; I have to find out where to purchase an official copy, since it would be a good thing to have. Our testing library at school does not have nearly enough copies of the tests we need to administer -- something that causes my classmates and me tremendous anxiety when we have a test-giving assignment coming due and there are no tests to be had.

However... back to the point: I would like to be friends with Simcha. But when I take the Rorschach course, I will need to test four people that I don't know very well. And since Simcha was willing to take the IQ test, I was hoping she'd be willing to take the Rorschach (and maybe talk three of her friends into taking it too). I can't get to know her any better, or I won't be able to administer the Rorschach to her.

So I asked her if she'd be willing, in a few months, to take the Rorschach for my next class. Bless her generous heart, she said yes, and I told her that after the Rorschach, we can hang out ;)
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