Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The inscrutable Dr. Jerk

I will never understand Dr. Jerk, not even if I get my psychology degree summa cum laude.

Dr. Octopussy, the deputy director, was not available for a meeting soon, so I needed to respond to Dr. Jerk's last e-mail. I wrote him back this morning (cc'ing the program director, of course, and bcc'ing the classmates who helped talk me through the problem):

Dear Dr. Jerk,

I apologize for my lateness yesterday morning. I will do my utmost not to be late for the remainder of the semester.

I apologize again for missing that class in September. As I told you the week before, I was being driven to the wedding of a very dear friend and if I did not miss the class, I would not have been able to attend the wedding. I obtained notes from two classmates and did all of the assigned reading. At the time, you thanked me for notifying you in advance that I would be missing the class.

I am sorry that you perceive my lateness as an issue after these two incidences. Please be assured that it is not a reflection of my commitment to your classes or the program.

Sincerely, Ayelet Survivor

This afternoon he replied. Seeing the email in my inbox made my stomach contract. I dreaded opening it. I feared the worst. And this is what he had to say:

Dear Ayelett [sic],

Apology accepted - Please make sure that you get the notes so that you are not at a disadvantage.

Best, JJ

My good friend Boaz told me not to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I won't. But oh, the relief!
Copyright (c) 2006 "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. Good strategy. It worked.

  2. Woohoo! Your friend Jake is right--take this gift and RUN. :-D