Friday, October 20, 2006

It just gets worse

I just found out that my piece-of-shit insurance company, to whom I paid more than $5,000.00, won't pay for an MRI of my knees.

I could gleefully strangle my primary care physician. I went to him in August with severe pain, and he sent me back to the fucking gym instead of ordering me an MRI while I still had decent health coverage from my last insurer. Only when I went back to him in complete agony did he think there was something wrong and send me to the orthopedist.

And now it's too late. Somehow I'll have to come up with $1200 for the MRI or just go on limping.

Life's a fucking bitch.
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  1. I would contact the lab where you had the mris done and explain the problem. See if they can reduce the bill or if not give you time to pay it off.