Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Just found out that my control-freaky scrawny little TA has an interest in eating disorders. Which makes perfect sense; eating disorders are all about control. That's why she tries to control us and the lab session, and that's why she dislikes me -- I refuse to submit to her control. She probably told Dr. Dragon, whom she works for as an office assistant, that I over-contribute in lab -- which, combined with Dr. Jerk's accusations, makes me look unstable and out of control.

It's amazing how little insight most psychologists have into their own actions.

A few of my fellow students are doing term papers on eating disorders for our psychopathology class (we had a session where we talked about our paper topics.) One of my professors in my master's program said that every psychologist and psychiatrist he knew came from a chaotic family background. I wonder how many of my skinny, skinny classmates have suffered from eating disorders, and if that's why they decided to study psychology.
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  1. Ayelet, listen to your own words!
    "I'll do better not only professionally but personally if I choose to be optimistic. Optimistic people live longer and healthier; people who obsess and ruminate about the negative things in their life -- i.e., pessimists, i.e., Ayelet -- get sick and die younger.Optimists also go further in life; there's no denying it. It's fine to be right, but it's better to get along."
    You have to internalize this, not just write this in your blog. It's understandable that you are bitter toward the faculty but it's not getting you anywhere, is it?