Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Dr. Jerk lovefest

Or as close as it comes to one. In today's IQ testing class, I had a question about some confusing results I got when I administered the test to Little Marty.

At first Dr. Jerk was not encouraging -- he never is when I have questions. But he was intrigued, despite himself, because the contradictory results required a level of analysis that he wants us to engage in. It provided a good teachable moment. At first he was going to make me figure out the answer myself, but he was so drawn in to the intellectual exercise that he gave me the answer, and then briefly discussed the issue that my question had raised.

I'm always stressed to the max in Dr. Jerk's class; I could barely express the confusing results to him, but I was determined to learn why the results fell out the way they did. He was patient and encouraging, even friendly. It was so anomalous that a few classmates commented afterward -- he's never that nice to me!

(And he wouldn't be so happy to learn that I've been having it off with the person whose fascinating results we discussed. We're not supposed to know our test-takers. Screw that, I say -- I've had it with being stood up by people who don't care if I flunk out of school.)

Unfortunately, he's not being so nice to a classmate of mine, Tanessa. I got a 76 on the midterm -- but she got a 49. She has had to meet with Dr. Jerk several times to discuss this, and he has made her feel incredibly stupid, like she didn't belong in the program.

Which is baloney. She's one of the best people in the class -- sensitive, wise, caring. She already works as a therapist since she has a master's degree. (Dr. Jerk managed to let her know that as far as he was concerned, master's degrees in psychology were bought and paid for -- not earned.)

In our most recent psychopathology class, Dr. Jerk went over the midterm. And Tanessa and I both deserved far better grades than we got.

I've been able to support Tanessa through this stressful time mainly because I know exactly what she's going through. I've lost 15 pounds on the Dr. Jerk diet. Maybe that's why I had to suffer through it -- so I could help her realize that it's not her fault, just as it's not my fault the faculty is trying to crucify me.

I told Tanessa that I'm applying to other programs (with the recommendations of both my adjunct professors), and a panicked look shot across her face. "You can't leave me!" she said. She's not as badly off as I am -- she's only got Dr. Jerk against her, not Drs. Dragon, Octopussy, and Freud as well. But I wouldn't blame her if she wanted to apply elsewhere as well.
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  1. Yay! It's nice to have good days like that, when people who are usually jerks aren't. Here's to many more. [raises glass]

    I feel bad for Tanessa, though--that's just awful for her. Is reapplying an option for her, too?