Monday, November 27, 2006

I take refuge in bad poetry

When I was a teenager, I frequently suffered from unrequited love (apparently because I was intimidating any potential love interests). I used to write reams of poetry about it all.

Last night I couldn't concentrate, couldn't focus enough to read a journal article or work on my statistics final project. So I wrote a poem about my Little Marty liaison instead. Today, I finished grading a bunch of papers for a former professor, but somehow I still can't pick up the reading I'm supposed to do for tomorrow. So I decided to post the poem here. (It still lacks a title; suggestions from the audience will be considered.)

Can’t sit still, my heart, my mind
Are restless as my feet.
Every inch of me is on alert, remembering
What it felt like when you touched me, how much I needed that.

Are you thinking of me as painfully
As I’m thinking of you?
Do your cold hands miss my warm body, does your mouth
Bend to grasp mine, and not find it?

I thought, I thought, I would not fall,
I would keep a grip on my senses.
I thought you would not tremble my equilibrium.
It seems I’ve been mistaken.

This happens to me, this happens too much, too much.
Always I find myself in
The right arms at the wrong time.
You could love me. You choose not to.

Eesh. I promise not to inflict too many more poems of this ilk on you, dear readers. But what good is a poem if nobody reads it?
Copyright (c) 2006 "Ayelet Survivor"

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  1. Listen, It can't be any worse than Vogon poetry.

    You can even create your own Vogon poetry with the Vogon Poetry Generator:

    Write on! :)