Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just when I thought it was safe to go back to school...

Just when I was starting to get my appetite back, just when I was starting to feel almost safe at school, I got another lovely little note from Dr. Octopussy, deputy director of the program:

Hi Ayelet,

Dr. Dragon, myself [sic.], Dr. Freud and Dr. Jerk would like to meet with you this Thursday to follow up on our last meeting and discuss your progress in the program. Please confirm that you have received this and can be there.

I wrote back:

I'm available and will be there. Where is the meeting?

Trying to act as though the prospect does not strike terror into my heart.

Why aren't I allowed an advocate, someone who's on my side? Dr. Freud, nominally my adviser, obviously does not have my best interest at heart. There is no ombudsman I can appeal to, although my rabbi did leave a message for somebody relatively high up at the university my psychology program belongs to. I have to call him tomorrow and ask him both about the recommendation he's supposed to write me and the person he contacted. There must be somebody in this godawful place who can defend my rights.

It's so wrong and so unfair. I was working hard, I was a good student, and not everyone hated me. I wrote Dr. Dragon, that bitch, a letter of abject apology. But because Dr. Jerk was allowed to tell vicious lies about me in faculty meeting, I'm in peril. And Dr. Freud never contacted the adjuncts to get another opinion.

I guess the worst thing they can do is tell me that I'm not coming back next semester. Which would be awful and unfair, but I would survive. I guess that would give me a lot more time to study for the GRE -- and if other schools ask why I didn't return for the second semester, I could tell them, honestly, that I didn't think the educational experience my shitty-ass school provides was worth the money I paid for it.

(I might leave out the term "shitty-ass.")
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  1. Oysh, I'm so sorry to hear that. It's so crazy that you're being targeted like that; you'd think that they'd realize (being a psychology school!) that they're being intimidating and unfair.