Saturday, November 04, 2006

Who's against me?

I heard back from Dr. Octopussy about which classes my contributions are monopolizing, and pissing off the other students:

I cannot speak to the classes taught by the adjuncts, but those you have with the permanent faculty have all noted it in recent weeks. You should also be aware that depending on your knee, if there are accomodations you feel you need and aren't receiving, you can speak with the Office of Student Disabilities, document your situation, and reasonable adjustments can be made. Dr. Freud will follow up with you regarding feeback with your adjunct instructors.

"The permanent faculty" refer to Dr. Jerk, who teaches two classes, and Dr. Adorable (whom I shall now refer to as "Dr. A," as an abbreviation for another word that begins with that letter). I will no longer defend his boring, useless, waste-of-time-and-money class to the other students, and I'll certainly never raise my hand again in his or Dr. Jerk's classes.

I wonder if Dr. Freud will bother telling me that Dr. Stats and Dr. CT (cognitive therapy) don't find me an annoying time-wasting nuisance of a student. And I think I'll ask the orthopedist for a letter about my knee condition -- just to put on record with the Office of Student Disabilities. They already obviously think I'm lying about it, although I have no idea what they assume my motivations are.
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  1. Sometimes shutting up is the only thing you can do. Dr. Jerk and Dr. A clearly don't appreciate your contributions, so why waste your time? At least the adjuncts like you. :)