Saturday, December 16, 2006

The faculty blinks

Got a MUCH nicer note from Dr. Dragon:

Dear Ms. Survivor,

I have rescheduled the meeting for Tuesday, December 19 at 9 a.m. Dr. Octopussy and I will be present at the meeting. This second meeting for which you requested a postponement was initially scheduled in order to give you time to process the feedback given to you during our meeting on November 30, 2006. A second meeting is not necessary from our standpoint and need only occur if you would like to meet so that we may answer question or offer further clarification. Should you decide that a second meeting is not necessary from your standpoint, please let us know so that we may cancel the meeting. Please note, however, that this is an internal student-faculty meeting and therefore, if you do decide to attend, you will be required to attend the meeting on your own. We do not permit third party representation at internal student-faculty meetings.

Please note that your leave of absence will go into effect on December 21, 2006. Again, if you would like to appeal any decisions made by the clinical program, you are welcome to do so but you will need to do so in writing to the dean no later than December 20, 2006.

Our student catalog and handbook are on the website.

Best, Devona Dragon

I wrote back concisely:

I cannot make a meeting at that time, and I do not think it will be necessary. I am not appealing the leave to the Dean.

Ayelet Survivor, M.A.

Nice and ambiguous -- I don't have to lie about appealing to the higher-ups at the university. My good friend Alona, whom I naturally bcc'ed on my response to the Dragon Lady, wrote me:

Adir and I both think that the administration 'blinked' by effectively cancelling the meeting -- clearly they were afraid you were going to bring a lawyer. Good for you.

What's doing in terms of sealing your records and/or getting partial credit for your classes? Did our rabbi come up with anything yet? If not, I assume you'll proceed with plan B.

The faculty doesn't have me to kick around any more. I'm through with crying and groveling in front of them. From now on, I am unrepentant and will champion my cause. They harassed me for almost an entire semester and succeeded in kicking me out. I'm not going to take it lying down. "Plan B" refers to me getting a lawyer.
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  1. A lawyer sounds like a good plan. They deserve all the hell you can give them.