Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'm too sexy

Late last night Chaya called -- turns out she made it into town for Shabbos and was with her father at a kumsitz. "Come meet my father!"

So I threw on some clothes, a touch of lipstick, and ran five blocks to the kumsitz. Her father is a mekubal -- versed in kabbalah, and he reads palms. I wanted him to read mine and see if I was going to get married.

He told me some interesting things about my past -- that I was insecure when I was younger, which was certainly true -- and that I've got leadership qualities, and that I sometimes try to hard to fit in. Not sure about that last part, but it was noisy and dark, so maybe he couldn't see my hand ideally.

Then Chaya and I ran down to the China Club, where a friend of hers was celebrating her forthcoming aliyah to Israel. We had to go through metal detectors and get frisked -- by women security guards, fortunately -- before going in. I don't know why I did this, I called Little Marty. "I'm at a club, I just got frisked for weapons -- it's the most action I've gotten in weeks!"

No dice. He didn't ask when he could see me again, so I couldn't tell him he can't. Very annoying.

But after we got upstairs, for the first time in a long time, I attracted some interest by not saying a word. Chaya and I were dancing, and I noticed a guy looking at me and smiling.

A lot.

So I went over to him and said, "Why don't you ask me to dance instead of staring at me?"

I thought he was with the goodbye party -- read: frum -- so we danced for a little while, but then I asked what he was doing at the club and he said he was here on his own. So I danced with him a little longer, and then said goodbye.

But it was very flattering! I wasn't really wearing club clothes -- I looked more like something out of Lands' End -- but he noticed me and wanted to dance with me.

Later, a group of us ended up at Ali Baba, the only kosher restaurant on the Upper West Side that's open until 4 a.m. Chaya walked outside with her friend JG (she reads hands a little too, and I guess they wanted privacy).

A guy with a shaved head (read: not Jewish) came in and ordered a sandwich -- and started smiling at me! As he was leaving, he asked me what my name was and told me I should come hang out with him at Crossroads, a local bar. "I'm going there to eat my sandwich."

"Sure," I said, "I'll meet you there." Which I guess was a lie, since I wasn't going to, but I was overtired and flattered. It's nice to get noticed twice in one night, even if the guys noticing me aren't eligible.

Chaya and JG walked me home, and she encouraged us to exchange email and phone contact info. She said she could see us having some kind of relationship, friendship or more. So who knows?

I also have tentative plans to go out with a guy who contacted me on a dating website. I'm a little nervous, because he describes himself as yeshivish -- I usually consider that too frum for my blood. But now that I'm saying tehillim every day and having someone daven for me at the Kotel, I'm trying to be openminded to every dating opportunity.

And another 26-year-old wrote to me on another dating website. He sounded nice, but after the VYG fiasco, I responded a little defensively:

I guess I'm a little surprised to hear from someone so much younger than I am. Not very surprised, because I've been contacted by several guys your age or younger -- but they all had only one thing in mind, and it wasn't tachlis. So if you're serious about falling in love and getting married, I'd love to get to know you better. I hope you don't think I'm being too defensive, but I've been unpleasantly surprised so many times, I guess I'm kind of cautious.

He replied:

What did those other people have in mind???? I am serious about falling in love and getting married, so I would really like to get to know you better. Don't worry I do not think you are being too defensive, because I feel the same way. Normally I have my heart broken because I am very loyal, trusting, and nice so most woman want to be treated like shit and I can't do that.

Hm. Unfortunately, he lives in Florida, but I guess I'll start corresponding with him and see what happens.
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  1. I wouldn't put too much stock in mekubalim-- I'm very skeptical of their ilk. Especially palm reading. It's too close to kishuf-- magic. I don't really believe the world is a magical or supernatural place, and I certainly don't believe that G-d operates through or gives special insight to proprietary intermediaries. It's always infuriating to me when I hear of someone who has had some tragedy befall them turn to some mystic in search of an answer, who tells them that some letter in their tefillin wasn't written properly or some such bullshit. If G-d operates that way, I want no part of it.