Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Jerk 'til the end

Got another lovely email from Dr. Jerk:

Dear Ayelett [sic.],

I am writing to inform you that given the fact that you did not attend the last 2-3 weeks of classes or labs and did not complete final exams in either class as well as not submit written assignments, you will receive F grades in both IQ Testing and Psychopathology. Please be advised that your flagrant violation of professional and ethical conduct in IQ Testing already resulted in an automatic failing grade for that course.

Sincerely, Jack Jerk, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology

I responded:

Dear Jack,

I am withdrawing from this semester, so any grades you might wish to assign are irrelevant.

Ayelet Survivor, M.A.

I was tempted to write about his flagrant unprofessional conduct toward me during the semester, but decided that brevity was the soul of wit. Strangely, he wrote back quickly to say "good luck."
Copyright (c) 2006 "Ayelet Survivor"

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