Sunday, December 03, 2006

My friends are behind me 100%

My good friend Dov just wrote me to express his concern and support:

I, for one, certainly believe that you are fit to care for patients and to be a psychologist. I have good reason to believe so, as well as anecdotal evidence. I have talked to you in the past about all sorts of issues that have been on my mind, and I have always found you to be a compassionate, astute and pleasant listener, with an attention to detail.

I point out that I did not know that you were suffering from any kind of disorder until you allowed [my wife] Tovah to show me the blog. It did not come through AT ALL, in the conversations we had or in the email exchanges. I do not think that you gave me bad advice, or listened to me in a different way because you have bipolar. The school might find your lack of discipline disruptive (and for all I know, they may be right but that is their problem), but that has NOTHING to do with you as a future psychologist. They have no right to tell you that you are not fit to treat people, and you have no right to believe them when they put you down.

There is a great therapist in you that is one day going to provide a very special kind of help to people, and you must do what it takes to make that happen. The world needs it just as much as you do.

You have been through a lot. You have met all sorts of people, and you have done a lot of introspection. You have been on both ends of the give/receive relationships. There have been time when you have been there for friends who were at their hardest moments and needed support, and you have been through some very vulnerable moments yourself. I think that you have had more 'street smarts' and intuition on what it takes to be a psychologist then most professionals will acquire in an entire career.

Bottom line. I do not care what the faculty or some professor thinks of you, and neither should you. You have a great career ahead of you, and you are not going to let anyone ruin it for you. Got that?

Try somehow or another to get over this recent crisis, and just push on. You can not let something like this bring you down.

As always, Tovah and I will always be there for you and we will provide any type of support we can.

It's good to have friends who believe in you. They know me much better than the faculty does, and I'm choosing to believe that they're right and the Inquisition is wrong.
Copyright (c) 2006 "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. "Yelena"12/03/2006 10:56 PM

    Hi Ayelet,
    Alon could not say it better. Very heartfelt letter, and very true.
    "Yelena" (my second alias!)

  2. I'll second (well, third, since Yelena beat me to second) everything he wrote. You're great, you're talented, and you shouldn't believe a word of the crap the faculty tells you.