Friday, December 01, 2006


Protektzia is the Hebrew word for knowing somebody with influence, which is a more effective way of getting things done than trying to cope with bureaucracy, especially when the bureaucracy is composed of idiots, as it is at my school.

My rabbi has a meeting on Monday with the special assistant to the university president -- I think they went to school together or something. Hopefully the special assistant can help me. Of course it's going to be an anxious weekend, and having two dates -- Saturday night and Sunday night -- doesn't really help. I'm not too enthusiastic about either guy.

Saturday night is the 25yo. In our IM conversations he has alternately appeared immature, sexually voracious, and petulant. So I don't think he's good husband material -- he just doesn't strike me as a guy who's ready to get married. He's tried several times to induce me to meet him on an extremely casual basis, e.g., "I'll come over to your apartment tonight -- we can chat, have a snack, whatever...." It's the "whatever" that has me worried. Also the fact that he thinks he can call me and I'll be ready to see him at a moment's notice. He has to earn that!

The other date is with an extremely intelligent, successful, and complicated guy. He could be a player; I'm not sure. I don't even know if I like him; he strikes me as fairly egotistical and possibly manipulative, although he denies it ("Would a guy who was really manipulative admit to that kind of behavior?"). But -- he is smart and seems pretty stable. So I'm keeping an open mind.

Whatever happens, at least I don't have to study for Dr. Jerk's classes anymore! :) It's a given that he'd flunk me in the IQ testing class, and I'm pretty sure he'd give me a bad grade in psychopathology. That's why I want incompletes in both of those classes; I can easily explain that away in interviews for other schools.
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