Thursday, December 07, 2006

Waiting game

I spoke to my rabbi yesterday and this morning, giving him the latest scoop. He advised me not to go to today's meeting without some kind of representative or advocate, and tried again to reach the university president's special assistant. So I spent the day waiting for his call, which never came. I didn't go to the latest educational gang-rape. Nor did I hear from Dr. Dragon concerning the postponement I requested.

Nechama, one of the friends to whom I sent Dr. Dragon's letter and my letter to the adjuncts, comforted me again:

Ayelet, I know that the past few weeks have been pretty nightmarish for you. I hope that those who love and support you (including myself) have provided you with at least some peace of mind, and that the final decision in leaving school has provided you with some closure for this terribly painful ordeal.

The letter from Dr. Dragon was incredibly cruel, and would have been even if it had been 100% true. I am so sorry that you had to experience this. Hitler himself said that people will believe a lie if it's repeated enough times, and apparently the faculty subscribes to this theory. Please do not doubt yourself and your capability on account of what the administration is telling you. The fact that they are repeating and amplifying their message does not mean that their message is accurate. The opinions of those who know you well, whether they be therapists or good friends, are by far more valid measures of what you can handle.

I will be more than happy to pick up the recommendations for you. I wish you luck with the whole application process! It must be frustrating to repeat the whole apply-and-interview shpiel, and I admire you for having the courage to charge on so quickly.

Take care and have a good Shabbos! Please feel free to call or e-mail me at any time. Love, Nechama

I don't know what will happen next -- if the faculty will try to nail me for "skipping" the meeting, although what more they can do to me, I certainly can't imagine. But I don't intend to respond to any of their communications until I've either got someone from the administration on my side, or a lawyer.
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