Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Waiting, waiting, waiting....

Still no word from my rabbi on whether he'll be able to help me get some justice. I just want to withdraw with the guarantee that my records will be hermetically sealed -- I don't want other schools seeing the faculty's baseless slanders against me -- and get back some of the tuition money I wasted on them.

As soon as that happens, I can open up the blog again.

I've also applied to an intense 16-month social work program. A clinical social worker can do almost everything a forensic psychologist can -- and faster. Dr. Stats is still willing to write me a recommendation, bless his heart. With recommendations from him, a professor from my master's program, and my rabbi, I might just make it into the January 2007 session.

A friend of mine called last night to see how I was doing, and was surprised by how cheerful I sounded. Thing is, once you've decided that the people against you are WRONG, and pretty much EVIL, you're left feeling okay about yourself.

But I still can't really talk to my mother. I can only stay positive if everyone around me is positive, and she's too pessimistic. She's had a hard life, and I can't really blame her, and she did find me comatose after my overdose, so I can understand why she worries about me. But I can't listen to it. I have to hope beyond hope that every little thing is gonna be alright, Jah willing. (Gotta love Bob Marley.) And I can't listen to any pessimism. I just can't.
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