Friday, December 01, 2006

Yasmina's in trouble

I am heartsick. Yasmina was called into a meeting with the faculty and was later seen sobbing hysterically. I asked her to provide me with a cover story of how I acquired Little Marty as a test subject, and they are nailing her for it.

I called her and left her an email message, but she hasn't responded.

I wouldn't be surprised if she hates me.

Saturday night update: After worrying all Shabbos that Yasmina would be tossed out on her ear, I learned from a friend in the program (yes, I have several of those) that she received a reprimand and has to write a letter of apology, but will not be expelled. When I talk to the university administration, I'm going to ask that her record be expunged of any disciplinary notice concerning this incident.

And the 25yo stood me up. Guess he wasn't man enough to be my man. Wonder if the other dude will disappoint me tomorrow night.
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  1. Oy, that's terrible! :( I'm glad she's not getting kicked out of the program, though.