Thursday, January 25, 2007

No such luck

Apparently people with bipolar disorder should not eat a fistful of flaxseed oil capsules before bed, because then they will not be able to sleep. I haven't had trouble sleeping for weeks -- at least, not falling asleep; I've had some pretty bad terminal insomnia. Today I just have regular insomnia. It's going to take a few cups of coffee to get me through tomorrow.

And apparently, I'm not so over Little Marty. Even though I frequently find his conversation less than stimulating, I still crave him. And it doesn't feel like purely physical desire; why else would I cry on the phone, telling Boaz how much I miss LM? There's too strong an emotional component. I don't just miss the sex, I miss him.

Although -- do I miss him, or do I miss having an un-boyfriend? Am I just lonely?

Everyone's a philosopher at 2:30 a.m. -- unless they're sleeping.
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  1. It gets better-- as soon as you meet a great guy who will make you wonder why you ever were with LM inthe first place. And it will happen, hard as it may seem to believe now.