Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Half truths

Yesterday, I had a physical. I needed one before starting my internship; as soon as they've "cleared" me, I can get to work.

I was upset when I first learned I'd have to have a physical. It felt like an invasion of privacy. And I didn't want to disclose any information about my bipolar disorder or medications I take. I didn't want to give them a reason to reject me -- this is the third placement the school has tried to find for me. The first two fell through, and I've been feeling pretty anxious about this one.

So when the doctor asked me if I was taking any medications, I said yes. "Cymbalta."

"What's the dosage?"

"Sixty milligrams." It's the maximum dosage, and I wasn't sure if he'd find that worrisome.

"What was your diagnosis?"

"Depression." Half true.

But that was it. Except for me being stuck about 20 times as he and the phlebotomist tried to draw some blood. I had to wait around a few hours before a P.A. finally struck a vein.

So today I relaxed, and even did a little studying. I'm hoping my mood will continue its upswing and stabilize somewhere around content.
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