Sunday, February 11, 2007

Meet my nephew, Oedipus

I'm still feeling pretty crummy, and having trouble focusing on schoolwork, but I got rid of my garbage and packaged up my recyclables today, so I can't be that bad.

And I want to write about my nephew, who's invented a new spin on the Oedipus Complex.

"I'm going to marry Aunt Ayelet," he says. He's been saying that for about a year. He falls comfortably within the Oedipal age range, 3-to-6 years old. But he's supposed to be in love with his mother, not his aunt.

"Don't you want to marry Mommy?" I ask him. "No. Aunt Ayelet."

My niece Shira was giving me a hard time about being single, something she learned from her older sister. Both of them think I'm way too old to be unmarried.

"Aunt Ayelet, why don't you live with Grandma and Grandpa?" Shira asked.

"Because I'm a grownup," I said. "Grownups live on their own."

"But grownups are MARRIED!" trumpeted Shira. "You didn't get married!"

Oedipus looked up. "I'm going to marry Aunt Ayelet." Without missing a beat.

The sad thing is, some days it feels like he'll end up getting married before I do. I'm still pathetically hung up on Little Marty, think about him every day. I check dating websites regularly, but it feels like there are no men left out there for me.
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  1. For what it's worth, I had an all-consuming crush on my aunt when I was around 6-7, too, and she wasn't half as hot as you :)

    Mommies are authority figures -- not always the tender and unconditional love providers. Aunts, on the other hand, especially single ones, are *cool*. They take you on fun outings, they lavish you with attention, and they're a million times more fun to be with than Mommy and Daddy. Trust me.

    It make take your nephew some time to adjust when you bring home Mr. Ayelet--lord knows I hated my soon-to-be-uncle's guts for a long time. But it all fades with time, and you'll all laugh about it when it's Oedipus's turn to start dating.