Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hitting the fan

Nonprofit institutions and academia are prone to vicious power struggles; since the pie is so small, kavod is disproportionately important. So I'm very concerned that the associate director of the shelter doesn't like my supervisor, the social work supervisor, who is on the verge of quitting. If she leaves, I don't know what will happen to me. She and I worked on several projects together, but I won't be able to see them through if she leaves.

This is especially frustrating since I both feel her pain -- between you and me and the wall, the associate director is one heckuva beeyotch, who doesn't know anything about social work, antagonizes the residents, and feels threatened by my supervisor's superiority in knowledge, experience, and gracious manner -- and I'm frustrated that just as I've started hitting my stride, things might come to an end. AGAIN. I remind you that this is my THIRD internship attempt. So I'm very annoyed.

I encouraged her to speak to the clinical director of the agency, which oversees our shelter, two other shelters, and a bunch of methadone clinics. I met with the clinical director before starting my internship, and she was very eager to have me start there -- she has her MSW from my school. I hope she'll tell the ASSociate director to lay off my supervisor.
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  1. Wow. Sounds like - every other organization. Just be careful that you're not seen as an 'ally' of the supervisor and an 'enemy' of the ass. dir.

    Or will it not make a difference? Will the supervisor's departure just screw up your projects and plant you right back at square one?

    God save us from drama.