Monday, March 26, 2007

Social work is all about... marketing

My supervisor is in a closed-door meeting with the shelter's childcare staff, who have been playing favorites among the residents' children. I wish I could attend, because it's supposed to get really ugly (think Jerry Springer), but the shelter director doesn't want me to see any dirty laundry. So I'm stuck with time on my hands, although it's been a busy day; I did my second psychosocial evaluation of a new resident, and I finalized the new groups schedule I produced for distribution (to residents, with a memo from the director, and to staff) and inclusion in the chart system. It will also be posted all over the residence.

Residents are obligated to participate in DV support group, house meeting, independent living skills classes, housing workshop, and several other programs, or shelter funding will be cut. Many residents haven't been going to groups -- in fact, several were unaware of some of the groups that are offered, such as poetry and art therapy.

The group schedule was out of date and unattractive. I re-formatted it, jazzed it up with the heading, "Gotta Go To Groups!" Under the groups listing is the question, "What are all these groups and why do I have to go to them?" Following is a paragraph explaining each of the groups' purposes and that it's important to attend: "Groups offer you the tools to make the most of your stay at the residence and to build an independent life for yourself and your children."

So I'm making up for lost time at my internship. I wasn't expecting them to use my version as the official chart version (a copy is included in the chart with the resident's signature, showing that she received it and acknowledged that she needs to attend groups). I kind of felt I was functioning more as a writer/editor than a social worker, but hey -- using my schedule in the charts makes my work all the more official. Go me!!!
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  1. That is HOT. And it looks good when they have to compile collateral to show that they're holding all these activities and programs.

    The question is, how many of the residents read?