Thursday, April 05, 2007

A reasonably decent Pesach

Jerusha and I managed not to fight at all during chag -- apparently I did sufficient dishes and helped out enough. We had an interesting play date yesterday. It was drizzling, but kids, dog, mom, and aunt were all stir crazy, so we went to a house where the kids haven't really played before. It took the children a while to get comfortable, but then they loved it because they were allowed to jump on the beds. The dog loved it because she got to sniff a houseful of new people and a new dog, plus she enjoyed her first preserved pig's ear, a big, pink, leathery triangle that she gnawed for a long time. I liked it because the lady of the house is a family therapist, so we talked a little shop, and an enthusiastic amateur matchmaker.

I really wish more married people would try just a little to set up the single people they know. On the first day of chag I took a long walk with a West Side friend whose parents live in my sister's neighborhood, and we both bemoaned the general indifference of the married/settled crowd to the plight of singles. Jerusha has told me she' s just not comfortable trying to network and find out about eligible guys I could go out with, and her husband, who is painfully shy, is even less willing.

It was so refreshing to hear from someone who energetically tries to match pots to lids. Of course, she's realistic, which means that as a woman in my thirties, she thinks I'm limited to men in their forties. Which I resent, tremendously. But what can I do? People in their twenties marry people who are close to them in age, but men in their thirties seek out women in their twenties.
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  1. I don't make any efforts to set people up because I don't want that responsibility. I have married myself off (twice) with mediocre results at best. What in the world qualifies me as a matchmaker other than the obvious male/female, right age range, compatable religious levels? No thanks!!