Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sayonara, Matt

I haven't written much about Matt Stein lately because he's been out of touch. We spoke several weeks ago, but I hadn't heard from him since. Half of me thought he'd fallen off the Rational Recovery wagon; the other half thought he was just busy with his new job.

He forwarded me a New York Post article in the wake of the Imus scandal; I wrote back:

Glad to see you're still alive.

He responded:

likewise, Commie. Send my regards to the Ayatollahs.


That was unnecessary. I was being sincere.

He replied:

So was I, silly. You take me too seriously. I was testing your sense of humour over this Imus flap.

Humour? I responded:

It pisses me off that he was fired. It was a stupid-ass thing to say, but rappers say worse stuff every day. Michelle Malkin wrote an interesting column about it, showing that of the top 5 songs on the hip-hop charts, all featured "ho" and "nigga" and "bitch" in the lyrics.

How are you doing? (Since when are you British?)

I thought we could get back to friendly banter. He wrote:

Imus, Sharpton, and Jackson are the real Hos. And bitches, too! Fuck 'em all. Can we get on with World War III, please?

Hope you're well. Sorry I've been outta' touch. I was pissed that you said the Drudge Report is not news. Even the NY Times said that Matt Drudge sets the news agenda. Global warming stories every single fucking day. Check it out.

I diss The Drudge Report, and he retaliates with weeks of silence? So I asked:

You were that mad that I dissed Drudge?


Frankly, Yes. Matt Drudge single-handedly changed the news landscape and once broke a story that led to the impeachment of the President of the United States . (Bill Clinton had sex with an employee in his office, then lied under oath, a felony—not to mention breaking several of the Commandments in one fell swoop. Perjury is a felony, even if it's over a littering ticket for throwing a gum-wrapper on the sidewalk.) You or I would be fired and imprisoned for doing the same. If you listen to any talk radio—conservative AM or liberal FM—you'll hear them bring up all the quirky, goofy, funny stories that Drudge's people posted that morning. The site leads with the same big headlines as any news outlet, but is known for also posting off-beat humorous stories from around the globe.

If you had a favorite news site and I said casually, without reading it, that is "wasn't news" you might be a little miffed, too.

I'm an emotional little fucker. Sorry.

Whoa. Overreacting much? I wrote a response, and rewrote it, and rewrote it. I didn't want to point fingers or assign blame, but I really didn't like his attitude.

Frankly, I find this behavior passive-aggressive and spiteful. You're fixating on your point but punishing me by withdrawing contact, and what's worse, you're obviously getting angrier and angrier the longer you hold off contact. I'd be miffed if you dismissed a website I liked, but I wouldn't throw a hissy fit. Holding a grudge is no way to try to build a friendship.

Psychobabble, I know, but I really didn't like his pissy little display. And that, I have a feeling, is the end of Matt Stein. (He should have known better than to write such revealing emails to a girl who blogs.)
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  1. Whoo. I'm no psychologist, but clearly there's a lot of anger and resentment lurking beneath the surface. Whatever he's so royally pissed about, I doubt it's just Drudge.

    He might be one of those people who can't be broken up with by someone, but has to do the breaking up, and this is his way of instigating it.

    Sad, but good riddance, I say.

  2. His reaction was completely out of proportion - but i don't think you should write him off. Should you?

    Don't we all lash out sometimes, in unguarded moments? And it's distinctly possible that he was writing from a chemical dependency-induced anger state, isn't it?

    Or, as has become my standard sign-off of late, what do I know?