Monday, May 21, 2007

No sweat

So I met with the internship director, which I had been dreading, and she was actually very nice. She said she is making inquiries to domestic violence internships, because she feels it would be easier for me to continue in the same type of field placement I started, although I would probably be fine in a MICA or dual-diagnosis setting as well. She had been hoping that The Other Bad Place would take me early and I would finish out my first year there, as well as my second. That explains how they knew I'd left my first internship. She just found out this morning that Ms. Fascist rejected me.

I also thanked her for being so protective and supportive of me, as my advisor had advised, and said that really helped me get through this entire mess; I think she appreciated hearing that. So no sweat; I'm going to get another first-year placement, and I have to trust that I'll get a good second-year placement too.

No sweat also applies to the toxic effects of a "clinical strength" antiperspirant I tried with disastrous results.

I've been sweating more as a result of the increased lithium, and thought I'd try a stronger antiperspirant. At first I thought the slight fever, sore throat, and swollen glands were either a mild flu or side effects of the increased lithium. When I developed a pounding headache, severe nausea, and constipation, I was perplexed; the first two symptoms could have resulted from lithium toxicity, but the third definitely couldn't -- at least not in my case.

Then it occurred to me that it might have been a bad idea to interfere with an adaptive function -- i.e., increased sweating subsequent to increased lithium dosage. The warning label on the antiperspirant said its use was contraindicated in people with kidney disease -- another excretory function. I decided to stop using it, and lo and behold, my symptoms abated. Guess I'll be doing a lot more laundry this summer.
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