Thursday, May 03, 2007

You're HOW old???

Surprised another classmate, Katie. She was complaining about turning 30. I said to her, "Listen, I'm going to turn 3? in a month and..." I thought her eyes would pop out of her head. I had to show her my driver's license.

Katie was very upset because her first-year internship wasn't what she wanted, she didn't get a good second-year internship, and she's feeling extremely frustrated dealing with the internship office. (She ain't the only one....) She gave up a good job to come to this school and feels like she's spending a ton of money for nothing.

I told Katie about my experience at The Bad Place, and how, when I was completely desperate and didn't think I would ever make any progress toward the next stage in my career, someone told me about this program and I got in at the last minute. "You know how people say when a door closes, a window opens? This school was my window," I said. "And if it's not the window for you, you will find your window."

"Ayelet, you're going to be a very good therapist," Katie said. Also nice to hear.

Jerry wants me to come work at his internship. I told him yesterday about being taken out of my current spot, and he said I would fit in perfectly where he is. Then he actually called his supervisor and told him about me, and his supervisor begged him to tell me to transfer there. It wouldn't be clinical practice -- more research and program design -- but I feel like I've proven I have decent clinical practice skills, and I'll be getting incredible clinical training next year. It would be nice to have a first-year internship that values my skills and creativity.

So I called the internship director and told her I'd like to be transferred to Jerry's internship. Who knows, maybe she'll do it. And I think the increased lithium has moderated my transference feelings for Jerry. I'm no longer tempted to sit on his lap; I just want to debate ideas with him. That's quite a relief.
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