Saturday, June 02, 2007

Another interrogation

The best thing I can say about yesterday's interview is that after the emotional gang-rape at The Other Bad Place, I was a little more prepared for the host of inappropriate questions they fired at me, centering around whether my actions were the reason for my removal from my first internship.

Honestly, I found Dr. Newperson and her colleague's behavior offensive -- almost as bad as Ms. Torquemada's. I told them I wasn't supposed to discuss what happened to me at the shelter, and they forced the issue. Then they asked what I expected to accomplish at their agency, since I would only be there for two months.

Um, it's your agency. Aren't you supposed to direct my learning experience? If you don't want a new student now, why did you agree to meet with me?

I went into this interview with positive intentions. But I never in a million years would have anticipated that they would expect me to justify my very presence at their facility. I'm a student. I'm supposed to be entitled to an internship. My last one blew up in my face, through no fault of my own, and now I'm supposed to beg Dr. Newperson to have mercy and take me? I didn't know I had to defend my right to get the education that I'm paying a lot of money for!

There followed approximately 45 minutes of cross-examination. Everything I said was picked apart and used against me. I honestly don't feel like going through everything I said and they subsequently twisted, but it was very upsetting. And I don't even know if I want to work with these people. I don't approve of the way they put me on the spot, and I shouldn't have to beg to get what all of my classmates are presumably entitled to.

Dr. Newperson is going to call the internship director on Monday, and I'm actually kind of hoping she doesn't want me. Katie told me that her internship agency always needs free labor; so did Jerry. I'm going to stand up to the internship director and tell her that I want to go to a place where I'll be wanted and accepted, not tortured and eviscerated.
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