Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Note to Dr. Octopussy: Look in the mirror

Just got another mass email from Dr. Dragon:

I encourage all of you to attend the conference that Dr Octopussy has put together. This is a very timely topic and she has put together a panel of internationally renowned speakers. The conference brochure is enclosed. Please register as soon as possible.

It's a conference about psychology's role in torture and terrorism. Dr. Octopussy is the chair, and her keynote address is entitled: "The Development of Psychological Torture: A Modern History of Coercive Interrogation and Its Effectiveness."

Of course she knows about torture and coercive interrogation. She's got tons of experience -- she's a pro!

I wanted so badly to send out a little email to this effect -- to all students and faculty at The Bad Place. It would have been easy; they're all listed in Dr. Dragon's "To" line. But I didn't.
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