Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My lucky day

Q: What are major depression and domestic violence?
A: Two of Ayelet's areas of expertise! (Only the former through personal experience, fortunately.)

Today I had a midterm. We were given two case studies of people who had some kind of mental disorder, and we had to diagnose one of them according to the DSM and come up with treatment suggestions. One character had some kind of psychosis. I didn't spend much time on her because the other character was a 30something woman who was depressed after leaving her abusive husband of five years.

Needless to say, I tore through that exam very quickly. It was the easiest test I've ever had (or will ever have) in grad school. I was lucky. But I was a little cranky. I'd dragged my 9,000-pound DSM to the class because it was an open-book test. So had the professor -- in fact, he had 2 DSMs, and I could have borrowed one instead of exposing my shoulder and back muscles to the risk of serious knots and spasms.

On my way home, after a looooooong day, I wasn't feeling lucky. The weather's been sticky-hot, and rain was threatening. I caught the bus after a minimal wait (sometimes I've waited so long, I could almost have walked home faster) and hurried from the stop to my apartment building. And I was thinking to myself, "I'm not lucky. Bad things happen to me. I'm just not a lucky person." I can't remember why I was thinking that, but it's a train of thought I ride from time to time.

Just as I put my key in the front door, rain began bucketing down. Lucky me; I missed getting drenched. It was like Gd was saying, on cue, "You're not so unlucky all the time, either."

I went upstairs to relax for a bit and waited out the rain; then I went to the pharmacy to pick up my 3 prescriptions. (That's a stroke of luck right there. I used to take 5.) At the pharmacy I found the fast-drying nail topcoat that had eluded me during a search of 6 -- six -- drugstores near my internship. (I have vague ambitions of giving myself pedicures as a small money-saver. So far I've bought the topcoat and the foam toe separators, but I haven't actually painted any toes yet.)

Walking home from the pharmacy, I decided to stop by Adir and Alona's to pick up the Benefiber I'd tried to sell them. (They found a few containers that they'd put away for Pesach, so they didn't need mine, and right now I could use a bit of fiber from time to time, although not as much as I did a few months ago.)

Alona limped to the door and let me in: "I just had foot surgery," she told me. "I don't know what I'm going to do. I can't wear any of my shoes. I need to go shoe shopping!"

"Try mine," I suggested. I was wearing the slides I wore on my rainy date with the Knight. It was actually the first time I'd worn them in weeks, and I was a little worried that I'd have the same slip-slidy problems I had last time if it rained on my way back from the pharmacy, but I already had them on so I just went. Alona tried them, and while they're a bit too small, they're better than anything she currently has. She's going to use them until the weekend, when she gets a chance to shop for something better.

Alona lent me a pair of her shoes to walk home in; I was worried, initially, because they seemed to fit me and her feet are supposed to be half a size bigger than mine. Had I gained so much weight that my feet increased another half size? Walking home, I was relieved to discover that the shoes actually are too big for me.

I got home, logged on, and found this fabulous article. Apparently antidepressants pose very little danger to developing fetuses! That's great news for a woman who's going to be taking them for the rest of her life and would like to have a baby or three.

So I didn't win the lottery, or find the man of my dreams. But I had a good day, and more than a little luck.
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  1. Good days like that are so nice. I'm glad you had one! :)