Friday, June 08, 2007

On my last nerve

I should know better than to go on a date when I'm in a terrible mood. The Knight came in from Brooklyn to have breakfast with me this morning, and I found him terribly annoying.

His jokes weren't funny. His quirks weren't endearing. He was just -- weird. I couldn't tolerate it. And yet -- he was so nice. I was being cranky and fussy, and he was very patient and easygoing. Even when I told him that I didn't want company, I wanted to be alone, and he needed to give me my space.

This has been a concern of mine, both in the past and with this relationship. I'm a very funny person, so if a guy tries to be funny and isn't, it annoys me. Also, I am still baffled by the Knight's strong regard for me, when I haven't really done all that much to earn it. It makes me wonder what is really driving him to be so attentive and affectionate.

In other words, it makes me wonder what's wrong with him.
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  1. So there is something wrong with him for understanding that everyone has good days and bad days? Or is there something wrong with him for enjoying your company and perspective on life, which your friends have done for years?