Monday, June 11, 2007

What I like about my new internship

1. It's in a neighborhood where I used to work, so I know all the local shopping and kosher food.

2. It's in a building with a kosher restaurant in the lobby. Extremely convenient.

3. I can wear open-toed shoes and sandals, which I couldn't do at my last internship (note to self: get a pedicure stat). Apparently it's a fairly casual atmosphere. The newest full-time hire, a social worker who just graduated from my school, has a dainty little nose ring. I actually really liked the nose ring, but I have bad allergies, so I don't think that's a good piercing to substitute for navel (which apparently takes forever to heal because of where it's situated and how much it gets rubbed by clothing). However, I still want to pierce something. Not lip, not eyebrow, not other holes in my ear/s. Nothing that shows when I'm clothed.

4. I have my own desk, phone extension, not-too-out-of-date computer, and email account -- as of my first day. Impressively efficient. (At my last internship I didn't have email access, let alone my own account; I didn't even always have a place to sit.)

5. The people, including my supervisor, seem pretty nice, although I'm still not wild about Dr. Newperson. There was a memorial service for a person I hadn't met, and she told me to go introduce myself to everyone. I would rather have walked over broken glass; unless I'm completely hypomanic, I can't work a room full of strangers by myself. She makes me feel like I don't really deserve to be there. I'm sure that's not her intention, but after that interview I just don't feel comfortable with her.

It was nice being back in the neighborhood; after I lost my job I had no reason to come here. The guys at my favorite lunch place remembered me, even though I hadn't been there in more than 15 months. On my lunch break I strolled through my favorite discount stores, beauty supply emporia, and cheap trendy clothing boutiques.

So far I haven't been all that busy, but my supervisor says two clients might need counseling tomorrow. I'm more resigned to working here, although I still think I would have gotten more out of either of the other two internships.
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  1. Sounds a lot more pleasant and tolerable than one could even reasonably hope for.

    I guess you're back in the old 'hood now... What's your schedule like?

  2. Good luck! It sounds like things are starting off all right; hopefully it will be a decent experience, even if you could have been happier somewhere else.

    Just out of curiosity, are you in my (work) neighborhood? The way you describe the building you're in makes it sound like a possibility...