Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Somehow, I'm coping with the rejection

So I'm back to surfing dating websites. I noticed one guy right away: his screenname is "TakeAChanceonMe." I found this ironic because I sent him an email and he never responded. He's 39, with a broad build (not my favorite kind, but unlike some people, I try to be reasonably openminded about my preferences).

Clearly it's not my loss -- this is a quote from his "What I'm Looking For" section:

Strategic curves are a plus. Someone once told a family member if you don't like redheads-well over time if you marry one--it will bother you more and more. I stronglyl prefer women under 35. That said, if you went to any ivy...yada yada...i can run you on my excel spread sheet and see what the formula says.

Actually, *I* went to an Ivy League school. But don't do me any favors.
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1 comment:

  1. This guy sounds like a class-A
    d!ckwad. Feh. You'd think guys would at least try to sound human in their dating profiles. But no.