Monday, June 04, 2007

You don't actually have to like your Facebook friends

Still haven't heard from Eleanor, the internship director, and part of me is relieved. I do not want that internship. But I'm on pins and needles not knowing where I'll be for the rest of this year and the whole of next year. Makes concentrating on boring articles... virtually impossible.

Another great way of not studying is surfing Facebook, which I joined at the behest of my classmates and have rapidly developed an addiction to. I love posting articles or videos, writing on people's walls, and updating my status.

Today I decided to bulk up my friends list. I'd avoided adding several acquaintances because I don't really like them all that much. Calling them friends seemed hypocritical.

Then I decided that was silly. Facebook is a social networking site. I don't like a bunch of these guys -- but I might like their friends. Why not get something out of the acquaintanceship and meet a bunch of new people? In record time I added a few people I don't care for, several I hardly know, one guy I dated, and one guy I was in love with, although we never actually said it. And almost all of them accepted me as a "friend."

The people I haven't sought to add are the students I used to call my classmates at The Bad Place. I know Yasmina's on there -- back when we were speaking, she couldn't believe I wasn't. I've seen a few others on my friends' friends lists. So I know they get occasional updates about me, since they see when I interact with our mutual friends. But I really don't consider those cowards my friends, and I don't think I could get anything out of naming them as such.
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