Wednesday, July 11, 2007

50 ways to leave your lover

My college social psychology professor pointed out that Paul Simon's song really refers to only one way: abandonment. That's what I'm dealing with now. I haven't heard from Hude since Sunday. I have, however, seen him browsing the dating website where we met, which I had to visit in order to respond to some email messages I got from extremely inappropriate candidates.

I'm not surprised that Hude bailed, but I'm surprised by how dejected and lonely I feel. When will I learn? Divorced guys who look like Hude -- Little Marty, JG, and the original toxic divorced guy, Narcissus, who promised to take me skydiving and to Prime Grill (not necessarily in that order) before pulling a complete disappearing act -- are no good for Ayelet. Their initial interest flares, then fades. Hude has joined the motley crew of men who led me on and disappointed me. Of course, Albert Ellis would say that I allowed myself to be disappointed by their behavior.

I'm also annoyed. Maybe it's because Hude's turnabout came right after the Arabian Knight's craven withdrawal, via IM, but I'm frustrated. What am I doing wrong? Why do I keep getting involved with men who initially thrill but ultimately disappoint me? Why can't I find a man who won't? Questions for the ages.
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