Wednesday, July 04, 2007

And the hits just keep on coming....

Insignificant Other just couldn't leave well enough alone:

Thanks for your response. It was a test to see if YOUR screen name CheekyGirl was apt. You passed.

(I HAD indeed read the bottom of your profile before I wrote, and, of course, flunked.)

Now, below, here"s a guy who might be more in line with your criteria. I don't thiiiiink he's on this website (but can't tell because the genders are segregated). The last time I actually named another site on this website I got kicked off, so if this feller seems interesting, you'll either have to look on the obvious place, or, as a lst resort, e-mail me at

Single, Man seeking a Woman
For: Marriage & Children
From: Brooklyn, NY
Age: 39 years old
About Me
An honors graduate of the prestigious Norman H. Bates school of fine cutlery and motel management. Ladies, are you tired of meeting psychos? Are you finished playing with the players? Do you have priorities other than television and what color Brittany Spear's hair is today if she has any. If you do please read below: Stable and Kind goal oriented professional seeking wife and family. Here are some quick things to note: I believe family is the highest priority, not working until 10 PM or going bowling with the guys 3 nights per week. I have many interests besides watching television including active membership and participation in my synagogue, social affairs and lectures, concerts and shows, sporting events, biking, cooking, reading, learning, etc. I enjoy spending time in art museums, parks, and beaches. I have a special interest in history and archeology. In the summer, I enjoy hiking, camping, and canoing. I love dogs, cats, cows, and horses. For travel I enjoy going to see places with interesting architecture and scenic views. My idea of a vacation is also to wear a Zahal uniform, carry around an Uzi in 100 degree heat, sleep on a bunk swarming with flies, showering with cold water under a hose, eating eggs and Israeli salad 3 meals a day, and do oil changes on a tank. Finally there are other things to note: I am a coffee and wine afficinada, fan of classic suspense and mystery movies, have done a professional geneological project on my family, have gone on an archeological dig. Future goals include writing a book, earning my PHD or Rabbinical Smeecha, and finishing law school.

P.S. - It's me, Reuven, again. My hunch is that your neices/nephews are via a brother, probably an OLDER brother. Seriously, if this is so, why not throw that into your profile? B'nei Torah are told they should check out a prospective kallah's brothers, since most sons are similar to the MOTHER's brother. Kol Tuv.

I was so disgusted with him at this point, I couldn't leave well enough alone either:

My nieces/nephews are via my older sisters. I don't have any older brothers. And you apparently lack a sense of humor, a sense of judgment, and a sense of decorum. Perhaps your frontal cortex is succumbing to the first stages of dementia. I truly hope you never father any children. Research shows that older men are much more likely to sire children with autism or schizophrenia -- and in your case, I think that's a foregone conclusion.

Then I blocked him. I've had enough. Amusing as this exchange was, it's also toxic.
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  1. If you have to work that hard at a relationship this early on it's not meant to be. Maybe it's too soon for him to be dating post-divorce. I'd send him an email saying you will give him space and hope to hear from him someday.
    You seem to be getting a little overwrought about these relationships; maybe take a little break from dating and reassess.