Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Easy to see why THEY'RE still single

I got a message from a 57-year-old guy calling himself "insignificant other" -- and he surely is.

I'm only writing because you posted comments on the "Forum", BUT WHAT i'M GOING TO SAY isn't something that should be said except in private

Your profile is heartbreaking to me because you are very intelligent (unbelievable as it seems, perhaps even more intelligent that I) and sensitive (easily believable: more than I).

Yet your profile says only 4 things:

3) "ME", and

I'm not better than you. That's what makes it so depressing.

Why, why, WHY do I attract these ridiculous creeps? (It goes without saying that his "About Me" section is long, weird, and terrifying. Glass houses.)

Good screenname, dude -- very apt.

Apparently you missed the part below the section where I'm supposed to describe myself -- where I describe the guy I'm looking for.

Here's my rationale: I tried to describe myself as fully as I could so that men looking at my profile would get a good sense of me. I tried to be more general when describing the type of man I'm looking for so that more men would feel comfortable contacting me.

This profile has worked pretty well so far -- I've gone out with a lot of men that I've met on here, and while none of them has been my bashert, I've gotten nothing but positive feedback from them about my profile and how well it's written.

Don't wonder whether I'm more intelligent than you are. I think the answer is pretty obvious.


Then I got a message -- without a subject line -- from a Persian whose screenname is "persian." As we know, Persians are crazy. And apparently this one isn't too bright:

hey how are you :) Do you like to ........

That has to be the most open-ended and vague question I've ever been asked online, and I just was not in the mood to help him out.

Like to what?

was all I wrote, and all I wanted to say to him. He's read it; he hasn't responded.

Despite all that, I'm in a good mood. I met with a really cool new shadchanit, and I'm feeling optimistic. She's part of a new West Side shidduch group that includes participants from all the major synagogues. They have you meet for an interview, then they put you up for matches. I highly respect the woman I met with because, when I told her I don't like dating men who are much older than I am, she immediately said, "You shouldn't have to!" So they actually listen to and respect what you want and what your boundaries are.

And my fingernails, which I did myself, look fabulous. Of course, I used a very light pink shade, so that when the excess polish slops onto my cuticles, it's not so noticeable -- but nevertheless, they look awesome.

My nails don't look great when I'm depressed. They break off at different lengths. They get jagged and stay jagged, for days or weeks. I don't care about them -- I can't care about them. It's too much mental effort to clip and file them -- let alone lay down flawless, unsmudged layers of base coat, lacquer, and topcoat.

So I'm happy because my nails look nice -- and my nails reflect how I'm feeling.
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  1. I'm glad you're feeling happy. Let the losers on Frumster amuse you and then forget about 'em. The ones worth paying more than 30 seconds of attention to will be self-evident. :)