Friday, July 20, 2007

Jewish men. Feh.

The training course was held in the South Bronx, a neighborhood I've never actually set foot in. It's moderately blighted. I was a little uncomfortable walking from the subway station to the agency, both because I'd never been there before and was afraid I'd get lost and because it felt like a dangerous area.

However, as I walked I felt safer and safer, because I looked like everyone else there. I look Latina -- big dark hair, big hips. And several gentlemen expressed their appreciation:

"Hey, beautiful!"
"How you doin', sweetheart?"

I didn't respond, and they didn't pursue; it was up to me to engage with or ignore them. And I wasn't offended or scared -- I found it incredibly flattering.

Jewish men don't tell me I'm beautiful nearly often enough. In contrast, African American and Latino men tell me I'm beautiful all the time. Every time I'm in an "ethnic" area, I get tons of unsolicited, politely proffered compliments. I don't get that on the Upper West Side. I get men who scan the crowd while I'm trying to talk to them.

I'm not usually a Shmuely Boteach fan, but in this article I think he makes a few good points.
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  1. it's interesting, there's a little clip on hollaback nyc about this. this woman goes out dressed not nicely and all the men are leering at her. so she turns her camera on them, and starts asking them about why they are doing this to her.


    anyway, i agree. i think it's gnerally flattering.

    keep it up chica bonita!