Monday, July 02, 2007


Recently my stainless steel watch stopped working, and I replaced it with a newer model. I've been liking it a lot more than my other watch, the gold one. Today I was thinking how bored I was with the gold watch -- how if I lost it, I'd have to get a new, hipper one. Then I looked to check the time, and it was gone. It's almost too Freudian.

More importantly, I also lost my prescription coverage. Actually, I didn't lose so much as exhaust it. I've used up my allotment of prescriptions for this semester. I can't get any new ones until I sign up for next year's medical plan.

I have enough medication to get me through July. After that... I'm paying full price. Which is prohibitively expensive. Kind of makes the lost watch seem like not such a big deal.

I hate insurance companies. I hate this illness. And I hate this stupid absent-mindedness. I've been losing and finding a bunch of things lately -- the cap to my memory key, my psychopharmacology textbook, my good tweezers. All of those turned up, so I suppose there's a remote chance my gold watch will also resurface.

I doubt it, though. And if I'm going to be spending several hundred dollars on prescription medication this August, I might as well get myself a funky new watch as consolation. What the hell. It's only money, right?
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  1. i just saw the michael moore documentary, sicko.

    if all else fails, you could go to canada and get health care. or cuba.

  2. Does that make sense, though? You'll spend money to console yourself for having to spend money?

    I'm a firm believer in things turning up, though, so I anticipate your watch will return. And if you hold onto it long enough, it'll be hip again.

  3. Still haven't found the earring I lost last time we got together, C.O., so I'm not agreeing with your theory.

  4. I agree that it doesn't make sense to spend money to console yourself for spending money. You just bought another watch in any case.

    Don't fret--it's only money! Get out and enjoy the unseasonably mild weather.

  5. I'm not going to spend more than $100 on the new watch. I don't like mixing gold- and silver-toned jewelry, so I need two watches. TWO watches, not 17. Can't a girl have any fun in life?