Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Out of options

I've clearly dated every eligible man who's willing to go out with me. Today I heard from someone whose memory I almost completely repressed.

Someone wrote to me on one of the dating websites I lurk on:

hi there.
hope your fast is going well.

why no pic?

Normally I respond a bit tartly to men who don't really say much before asking to see my picture, but it's a fast day, and I'm also trying to be a bit less shrewish online.

As well as fasts can go ;) B"H it's almost over.

I do have a pic. But I only show it to guys I'm interested in. I found that when I left my pic showing, I got a lot of unwanted visitors and messages. Hiding it has cut down somewhat (though not completely).

since you're curious: my password is xxxxx

what did you like about my pictureless profile?

He responded with a few quotes from my profile. Praised my smile. Ended with:

I wrote you because you sounded interesting. You should know that I generally DO NOT write people who have no pics. Nevertheless, I see your point, as girl, not willing to get unwanted advances, etc.

You seem to be a kindhearted person (unlike some people on this site) , so I figured I would write.

Who knows what may occur? Do U live on the UWS?

I wrote back to tell him that I do, and added:

You're right, I am a very kind person, but I try to disguise that behind a mirage of biting humor ;) Kudos to you for seeing the real me! (I probably am the most interesting chick on this site...)

You can reach me at (email) or (phone number).

What the heck, I thought -- why waste time being coy?

Ayelet, I knew you looked familiar.

Moshe Lichtenstein set us up a few years back, if you recall.

I don't know why it never proceeded from that 1 time we met.

Anyways, if you would still like to speak, let me know.
If not, I understand as well.

Huh? The only guy Moshe L. set me up with... stood me up by email. No. This could NOT be that same pathetic guy.

I must be getting old.

We went on a date?

Please, please, PLEASE don't let it be that guy!

we went one 1 coffee date in the winter time.
I then walked with you bck to your apt. bldg and we said our goodbyes.
That was it.

Does this/ do I ring a bell?

It's that guy. Gd threw me another bait-and-switch. I thought he was an eligible interested guy, but he's just another loser. Crap.

I remember that we made another date, for dinner at an Indian restaurant, and you decided to blow me off by email.

No response.

If I still had that cowardly email, I'd append it here. The guy smarmily wrote, less than two hours after making dinner plans with me, that he had reconsidered, and I should please "respect his decision." Like I'm going to chase after someone not worth catching! After I already took time out of my busy day (I was getting my first master's) to shower and get all dolled up for him, I'm going to waste more of my precious time convincing him I'm worthy of being dated?

And now he disingenuously makes like things just "never happened" for us? Men are such craven creatures. It's a wonder our species isn't extinct.
Copyright (c) 2007 "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. Yeesh. Well, I guess that's a downside of having no pic up-- the reruns.

  2. well i guess you told him!

    i'm really sorry to read about your dating woes. i too would be bitter.

  3. I'm not bitter. Not yet. I'm just jaded, exhausted, and fed up.