Monday, July 30, 2007

A surprisingly decent weekend

I always have fun with the kids, and Jerusha was amazingly civil. She and I went for a walk Shabbos morning with the dog and had a pleasant conversation. Later, the kids and I played "American Idol." We made up accents and personae and "auditioned" for each other. It was hilarious; I think I had more fun than they did.

My niece's birthday party on Sunday was tons of fun. They got in about an hour of splashing in kiddie pools and creating enormous bubbles before the thunder hit; then we herded them inside, changed them from bathing suits to clothing, fed them pizza, and watched them do craft projects. Fortunately, several parents had stuck around to help us manage the hungry hordes.

Sometimes it's really hard hanging out with all those married people. Most of them had the good grace not to complain about their relative good fortune -- relative to mine. But several of them have new babies, all of them have houses and spouses and kids.... Even a good day in the suburbs is rife with unpleasant reminders that my life has stagnated while everyone else's has progressed.

I'm trying not to feel bitter, but it's difficult.

Even worse, Oedipus is so over me. He's decided to marry Mommy, after all. No big surprise. Why should he want to marry me? Nobody else does.
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