Tuesday, July 03, 2007

To the naysayers

Several commenters have tried to dissuade me from buying a new watch to cheer myself up after losing my other watch and (coincidentally and simultaneously) exhausting my prescription benefits -- just the latest manifestation of how my medical insurance conspires to screw me again and again. And again.

I'm starting to get annoyed. At those comments, not the insurance; I'm already pissed at the insurance, but there's nothing I can do about it.

What other options do I have to cheer myself up and garner a bit of pleasure? Get a massage? I'm not tense right now, and a massage would set me back about as much as a watch would anyway. Eat a box of Entenmann's? Oh, wait -- I gained 30 pounds doing that a few years ago, which I am still trying to lose. (Losing weight is another manifestly unpleasurable experience that I'm enduring right now.)

How about a few hours of glorious, unrestrained sex? Nope -- I'm still unmarried. I'm not allowed to have sex. I also don't have any children to comfort and entertain me, either. (Don't even THINK about telling me what a pain in the ass children can be. I am not in the mood to hear that.)

So buying a watch -- for less than $100 -- is not such a terrible option. I won't have to sell my body or my blood to swing it, or live on oatmeal and cat food for the rest of the month. I'm not hypomanic; if I were, I'd want to buy 6 watches for no reason at all, instead of one watch to replace the one I lost.

I need pleasure in life. And right now school, my internship, and my personal life are remarkably devoid of pleasure. Without pleasure, people get depressed. In my case, I could get seriously depressed. As in slit-my-throat depressed.

So I need some cheering up. Badly. This is part of the way I manage my moods. If I want to buy a new watch, I'm going to buy a goddamn watch. And comments from the normal-mood peanut gallery are not requested and not welcome.
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  1. buy the watch! (but maybe after tisha b'av?)

  2. Good compromise, M. I'll hold off until then.

  3. Well, I can take a hint. Apologies.

  4. Sorry, I'm with Carmen. Buy yourself a watch -- for under $50! I've been wearing a $20 Timex for 3+ years. You can buy an awful lot of costume jewelry or funky socks or even sushi for $100.

  5. Number one, I don't like costume jewelry; I prefer real jewelry. Partly because I have a nickel skin allergy, partly because I prefer real jewelry. Number two, I hate sushi. I'd rather spend $100 on a watch and forgo sushi and costume jewelry for the rest of my life.

  6. I'm happy to tell you that you really need a good prescription of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov!!!!

    He has the secret to all our depressions!