Monday, July 09, 2007

Watching my weight

My friend Katie told me she lost a ton of weight by cutting out refined sugar and flour, upping her protein intake, and eating lots of fruit and some whole grains. I love fruit, I like whole-grain foods, and I can deal with protein, so I've taken her advice. Five pounds down; 25 to go. I'm calling it the "fruit and fiber" diet.

I was very happy to read that my seesawing weight, ranging between extremes of 99 to 165 pounds, and varying in general between 125 and 155, might not be a long-term health liability.
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  1. Good idea. I dropped a full waist size by drastically cutting down refined carbs and sugar, and replacing those calories with protein and complex carbs.

    My typical day's meals would be something like this: very late breakfast, around 11-ish (which is really skipping breakfast, if you think about it)- bagel or two (!) with cream cheese, and coffee with 4 or 5 sugars. Or, a bagel and a muffin. No midday meal, and a late dinner which was usually a big bowl of pasta with sauce, and soda, juice, or the like.

    Now, I almost never eat pasta, and eat only a little bread on Shabbos and maybe once a week. No sugar in the coffee (sweetener) and only diet soda. Strenuous exercise helps- something sustained and aerobic is best. That way you are sure to burn more calories than you take in, which is what weight loss is all about.