Thursday, August 02, 2007

And what a year it's been

Kind of appropriate that I've got terminal insomnia on the first anniversary of my blog. Not sure if it's the humidity, the knee pain, or going to bed too early last night.

Hard to believe I've chronicled an entire year of my life; even harder to believe how it turned out.

A year ago, my knees were fine, I was looking forward to starting school at The Bad Place, and I was hoping to lose some weight. I had yet to meet Dr. Jerk, Dr. Dragon, Miss Thing, or Dean Evillene. I hadn't gone out with the Very Young Guy, the Big Fat Liar, Brooklyn Accountant, Brooklyn Lawyuh, the Arabian Knight, Hude, or Little Marty. I also thought I'd have more than 23 blog readers.

But in some ways it's been a very good year. Writing has always been my passion, and this blog has been a great opportunity to express myself and hone my craft. I do hope that someday I'll make a book out of it. I've also enjoyed meeting and developing relationships with other bloggers.

I just pray that the coming year be better in terms of school, health, and love.
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  1. All of your loyal readers wish you the best! Think of it this way--your life is never dull! Seriously, here's hoping for a happy, tranquil year filled with friendship fulfillment and love.

  2. Happy blogiversary! Many happy returns of the day...

  3. Happy blogiversary. I hope next year's can be full of reflection on a wonderful year