Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baby brides

The fun blog Manolo for the Brides posted a link to a hilarious series, "Britain's Youngest Brides." I can't get over the Traveller bride's hideous wedding gown, easily the tackiest and largest I've ever seen. It makes her walk like a pregnant polar bear with the worst spray-on tan ever. Then again, her friends and family aren't exactly a page out of Italian Vogue either.

Scary to think she's going to pass along her genes to the next generation. (Actually, that holds true for several of the featured couples, especially the hungover groom whose fiancee is pregnant with twins.) And of course I think the 51-year-old used car salesman with the 18-year-old wife is fundamentally creepy. On so many levels.

But the Pakistani bride, whose marriage was arranged when she was 11, is gorgeous, liberated, and completely happy. She's married, she's starting med school, she adores her husband. Makes me kinda wistful...
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