Thursday, August 16, 2007

Best served cold

Several weeks ago, Dr. Dragon sent out a mass email to all students at The Bad Place -- they haven't gotten around to taking my name off the list, which she keeps in the "To" and "cc" lines, not "bcc" -- telling us about a new psychology grad student publication seeking articles. I sent in a copy of an assignment I initially wrote last fall for Dr. Jerk and revised for Human Sexuality this summer. Just heard back from the magazine -- pending some changes, they want to publish it.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. This one's coming straight out of the freezer.

I thought about writing a lovely thank-you note to Dr. Dragon, expressing my appreciation for bringing the student journal to my attention. But I decided against that. It would be trés déclassé, for one thing. I also don't want her mobilizing resources against me to quash the article or queer things for me at my current school.

Speaking of school, I heard from the internship director that there might be a spot for me at one of the HHC hospitals. They have a large inpatient and outpatient psychiatric practice, and since it's a public hospital the clients are mainly persons who haven't had much access to health care and who consequently suffer from severe and persistent mental illness. As the Brits would say: my meat and drink, chappie! I'm supposed to meet with them next week.

The one niggling doubt I have is that this HHC hospital is affiliated with the same medical school affiliated with The Other Bad Place. I hope the departments don't compare notes. At least this time I know how to answer questions about why I had to be removed from my first internship: the incident of bias speech that the ASSociate Director participated in. That should be 'nuff said.
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