Monday, August 20, 2007

Crafty Ayelet

I was less than pleased when the clasp broke on my new Moon River Pearls necklace. I told them it broke and they're sending out a new one forthwith. (Really, they have excellent customer service. They also gave me a 15% discount to use within the next 90 days, so I bought a fab bracelet. You should definitely check out their sale.)

What to do with the rest of the necklace, which was intact? I am not an artsy person. My grandmother is a talented painter and potter, my mother sketches beautifully and makes incredible craft projects, and my sister Jerusha used to blow glass and make jewelry. The artist gene skipped me entirely. I can't draw a straight line; I can't even doodle.

But: I can take a hair elastic, attach it with two small safety pins to either end of the necklace, and -- voila! I've got a gorgeous pearl headband that matches my earrings and necklace. The connecting part doesn't look so elegant, but it's completely hidden under my hair.

Not a bad day at home. I had to do something besides blog and play Scrabble on Facebook.
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