Monday, August 13, 2007

A decent day

It's my last week at this internship. Yee-haw! I visited several of my favorite deep-discount neighborhood stores, buying a little thing here and a tiny thing there. Two very inexpensive but dramatic headbands. Leave-in conditioner, at the lowest price I've seen on- or offline. Some rhinestone sparkly nail decals for the next time I do manicures with my nieces. A skirt and a top.

This time, changing in the communal dressing rooms, I didn't look at the thinner ladies -- or the thicker ladies. I just looked to see if the clothing fit and if it was flattering. Some items were too small -- and that was fine, even when they were labeled "large." (Interestingly, a skirt that was labeled size 6 was actually a bit large on me. Not sure what country that skirt originated in -- Mauritania?) Looking in the full-length mirror at my reflection, clad only my undergarments, I actually felt okay about my body. I thought it looked nice -- a mite upholstered, but well-proportioned and attractive. (At least until I turned sideways.)

I came home to two deliveries. A pink silk dress and a purple stripy top, which together cost only $20.93 (including delivery). They fit like they were made for me. I also unwrapped my wonderful Moon River Pearls purchases, which are gorgeous -- lustrous, larger, and even more fabulous than they looked online.

Right now, my life feels almost abundant enough.
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